Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Review

Restful and relaxing and just what we needed. After volunteering with our church's Vacation Bible School all last week I was exhausted. Gibbie wasn't old enough to actually be a part of it but we had an amazing volunteer watching after her and one other little one while mama worked the games.

Friday night we had the VBS Family Night at church. Gibbie had memorized all of the dance moves so she went up with all of the other kids to dance.

She loved every second of it. We did too. After dancing we had ice cream.

Saturday we rested as much as possible. We were having an adjuster come out to check out the leaks from the past two or three storms so we had to clean a bit. After cleaning we did very little. We watched some tv, took a nap, then accidentally put fake money in a bunny bank and had fun dumping it out and putting all of the real money back in. 

The Hubs went to a gathering of men at a friend's house. We graciously stayed home and had some girly girl fun. 

Please focus in the little piggies painted purple and not the stains on my carpet.

She insisted on us matching.

We watched Tangled and stayed up about an hour later than usual. Fun all around.

Sunday after church we took a mini day trip to Old Mesilla. My favorite New Mexican restaurant, La Posta de Mesilla, is there and they have a lot of cute shops.

Gibbie likes the restaurant's milk cups:

My husband does not like that they don't have a place to hang his hat:

 Before we got to go to any of the cute shops (Gibbie loves the little local bookshop so much because the owner's dogs wander around) it started to rain pretty hard. Gibs and I ducked into the coffee shop while The Hubs went to grab the truck and pick us up. He's totally our night in shining pick up truck (anyone know what movie that's from?).

After the mini storm the hour long trip home was amazingly beautiful:

 It's hard to believe I live in the desert when I see this picture.

All was well until getting out of the truck at home when Gibbie was bitten by an ant. The bite swelled up and we were afraid she might be allergic so we slipped her a tiny bit of Children's Benadryl. She then insisted on watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I can only imagine the crazy allergy medicine induced trip she had while watching that movie. Children's Benadryl always makes her a bit loopy before making her tired. I'm not going to lie, it's hilarious, but I promise we only use it when absolutely necessary.

After Gibbie's bedtime The Hubs and I cuddled on our separate couches to watch The Breakfast Club while doing laundry and getting sleepy. I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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