Saturday, July 27, 2013

Well, well, well. We meet again, blogger! It's been a very long time. Between convincing myself that I'm a terrible writer and no one would ready my stuff ever and having a toddler to look after I just never allowed myself to find the time. Yet, here I am!

I think my major issue of never sticking to blogging has been my lack of structure. Thanks to Evernote (I'm not being paid by them... or anyone else for that matter) I can finally work on organizing what is going to be happening on this blog. There will be a lot of nonsensical crap as well as discussion topics (never anything too heavy). I'll post a lot of pictures of my beautiful nearly three year old daughter, Gibbie. There will be a lot of whimsical moments with my husband, The Hubs. I promise there will be a lot of silly things that I do. By the way, I'm Rue.

I suppose introductions are in order before I get too carried away with the rest of my this and that. I'm Rue, I'm 30 (gulp), I'm a stay at home mama who sells The Pampered Chef on the side. I craft when I feel like it and help run a MOPS groups at my church with one of my four best friends. We'll call this bestie (I hate the term bestie) J. I totes (I hate the term totes) have four best friends and I keep them all far away from each other so they won't collaborate their stories and see how insane I actually am.

My hubs is The Hubs. He runs a factory with his pops, he's got a really cute butt smile, he is absolutely hysterical, and I get jealous when other women look at him. We met 12 years while both of us were working at Barnes & Noble and I knew, as creepy as it sounds, that I was going to marry him. Eight years, a year long break, some long distance romance, and some crazy family issues later it happened. Patience and perseverance my friends.

Finally, there's Gibbie. She's the reason I get up in the morning and not just because she wakes me up. She's a dancer, magician, singer/songwriter, super Christian (she loves church more than anything on earth), and is going to be three next month. She loves ice cream but only if it's chocolate and loves pie but only if it's apple. All cakes are birthday cakes and she sings happy birthday to me at least once a day.

It's an amazing life!

This picture is us when we're in public family mode:

And here's a picture of us in normal weirdo mode:

You can't touch that kind of awesomeness.

Now that you have an idea of who we are I hope you stay tuned for some awesome updates and bear with me while I tweak the hell out of this blog and try to get it to my liking.

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