Monday, February 3, 2014


Anxiety eats me alive on a regular basis and people don't seem to understand that I just can't calm down because most of the time it's not something I'm worrying about but a random act of terror that strikes me while I'm cooking dinner or washing dishes or slowly falling asleep when it awakes me with a bang and send me into a state of nonsensical panic making me take pills to calm me that take thirty minutes to kick in which is too long when every minute feels like an hour and every hour feels like a life time of mind numbing pain and when I actually am worrying about something it makes it come again and then I read something that says people who suffer from anxiety are at a higher risk of stroke which is just another thing to worry about when I already have to wonder sometimes if I'm having a heart attack or it's just an anxiety attack and by the time I realize it is just anxiety I would have probably died if it wasn't because heart disease runs in my family and I'm not the healthiest person so there's a chance that maybe it is a heart attack and since tingling in arms and legs are actually a sign on anxiety it makes me worry when my left arm tingles which happens almost every time I have an anxiety attack which is about once a month or sometimes more often if I am actually worrying.

And that "sentence" is what an anxiety attack is like.

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