Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

As per usual we escaped to the mountains for The Hubs' birthday weekend. We usually stay in Ruidoso, NM but this time decided to go to Cloudcroft, NM for a change. It's about a two and a half hour drive from where we live.

I absolutely love going to the mountains. It rejuvenates me and makes me so happy.

We didn't realize it when we booked the trip but it turned out to be the exact same cabin group we stayed with last time we stayed in Cloudcroft which was almost exactly 4 years ago. I couldn't resist taking a picture with Gibbie in the same spot we took one when she was almost 8 months old:

(Side note: Squish is only 5 months old and that same sweater Gibbie is wearing above at 8 months old is super tight on her. Big baby!)

I hiked for the first time and absolutely fell in love with it. I can't wait to go again.

We're actually planning on going up again just for the day next month (maybe) just to go hiking again since it isn't too far away. Squish loved being carried on my back in my Ergo carrier for the first time:

The Hubs and I never get good pictures together but we decided to give Gibbie a shot at taking a picture of us. I think it turned out great!

Poor Squish is such a home body so she wasn't thrilled with vacationing. This was her second trip and she did much better the first time when she was about 3 months old. We forgot to bring the pack and play so she had to sleep in the king size bed with me (I'm not a cosleeper so I was nervous the entire time about rolling onto her). She screamed for over an hour each night before finally falling asleep. (We don't do cry it out so it was super hard to hold her and hear her screaming.)

Gibbie on the other hand is a great traveler and loves the mountains as much as The Hubs and I do.

The drive home wasn't as bad as the last time for Squish. Last time she cried for an hour, this time was only about 30 minutes! Progress!

Now for the downside of the trip. this is what my Weight Watchers food tracker looked like when yesterday was over:

Definitely not proud of this but to be completely honest I am not letting me bother me one bit. When I obsess about the numbers I get really down and then give up for a while. This time I'm not going there. I had a kick ass awesome weekend and I loved every bite of delicious food I took. It was food that I don't normally eat (and I am not feeling as well because of it haha).

Today I actually took a 3 mile week first thing this morning and hardcore stuck to the plan. I'm not sweating the weekend and I'm not sweating my Friday weigh in this week!

How was your weekend?

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