Monday, January 27, 2014

Flu Mist, Why Do You Hate Me?

I finally broke down and got the flu shot today. There have been so many stories about people in the area ending up in the hospital and dying from the flu lately so I decided I was being pretty stupid by not getting it. The Hubs got it when it first became available. The Gibbie got it at her 3 year check up in August. I don't like getting it because I always get knocked out for two or three days. Honestly though, two or three days versus a week in the hospital and/or death. I can deal for two or three days.

The awesome Target pharmacist went over the options and I went for the mist even though it has a live virus because it protects against the most strains of flu. Honestly, I'm not as bad as I thought I'd be but I don't feel great either. I came home, napped for over two hours with Gibbie, and started laundry. I think I can even handle making dinner (if I can pry Gibbie off of me long enough).

This has also been a crazy week for my back. After finally getting around to going to a chiropractor I discovered that my spine is twisting to the left and I have whiplash neck. Seriously, who gets whiplash from anything but a car accident? Doc thinks it was from one of my famously graceful falls. So I'm seeing him twice a week now and to help with my neck I get to wear this while I'm lounging around the house:

I'm so sexy.

Happy Monday everyone!

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