Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Origin of Free

In the last week I've been exploring my love of writing and the freedom it gives me. While I'm writing I have a brief moment of just being me. For that moment I'm not mama or wifey. I'm only Rue. I love my life of mama and wifey but can we all agree that there are times when you wonder who you were before mama and wifey came along?

It's no wonder that I think of my renewed passion for writing as being free. If you're a nerd like me you might occasionally look into the origin of words. It's interesting to me to discover where words came from and what their original meanings were. How did the word "free" get to free? Praise Google! A two second search led me to find that it has an Indo-European root meaning "to love." It actually shares it's origin with the word "friend." It's funny and awesome how all of those things are running through my head all of the time now. By loving myself more I'm finding that I'm free of my self imposed restrictions on myself and therefore I'm back to being my own friend.

I love words. They make me happy.

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