Saturday, January 25, 2014

This is my fight

This is my fight against myself as I try to break from the cage
It's been too long since I've let myself free to fight against this rage

My soul cries out for the last few years it begs to be let out
I don't know if I can let it go or if I'm due for another bout

I used to write because there was a passion to tell my story
I used to write in hopes that one day I might have personal glory

I don't anymore for fear that I'm good or bad or somewhere in between
The fear of success or failure or nothingness is all my hands have seen

Let it be known that it is my right to write whatever I please
If it is good I'll be happy enough but again it will not cease

It's my right to write what I want and if it's bad I'll learn to live
If it's not good I'll be happy enough because maybe I can give

A gift to someone who wants to write and yet doesn't know how
A gift to someone who wants to fight and will not take a bow

I will not bow down to the bad of my past I need to let it free
The girl who was lost yearns to get out, she years for a chance to see

A simple paragraph in a new book I read for a group of women and wine
Has given me the power to start anew, it's given me the hope to shine

A writing prompt has given me permission to write this poem here
I swear to you now, I will not bow, I will not stop, no longer will I fear

If one person reads my story one day and hopes that they can get by
I will have done my deed to the human race, my life will not be a lie

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