Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Link Party

What's everyone doing this weekend? I feel like each weekend in October is always packed of things to do here and there's no way to do everything I want. Today I have a cooking show to do later so there will be no around town activities. I love doing cooking shows though so it's still fun for me! Tomorrow after church we'll be heading to Boo at the Zoo with our little robot girl. I'll be back around here in a few days. Here's some fun links to keep you busy in the meantime:

*An awesome view of Paris around 1870 and today.

*These confessions of librarians made me laugh.

*I've never really stopped to think that the sound word "bark" is different in another language!

*I need to find a way to fit this into my budget! It's only $10 per month and it sounds amazing!

*I love seeing Disney Princesses out of their element. Obviously, Belle is my favorite here.

*Some of these challenges seem impossibly hard but I definitely want to try a few out.

*I recently became un-allergic to avocado and am making up for lost time by putting it on everything. I'll definitely try all of these recipes!

Have a wonderful weekend! Here's a cute sideways smile from Gibbie to brighten your day:

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