Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Review

It was a completely relaxed weekend. The only thing I'd actually consider work is driving to the other side of town. I really dislike driving on the east side.

Friday night we headed over to my in-law's house to visit with Aunt B, my mother-in-law's sister. She awesome. She's sassy. She doesn't care what you think about her. She won't let anyone take a picture of her so I have nothing to show from any of our time with her.

Saturday was tent day. I promised Gibbie that we would have a tent night Friday night and watch The Wizard of Oz and paint our nails green. Then The Hubs didn't go to class and we went visiting. She was heartbroken. To make up for it I let her keep the tent up all day and the pajamas on until we had to head out.

She absolutely loved The Wizard of Oz. We watched it four times.

I've never seen her sit still for this long:

This is Gibbie "fixing" her "motorcycle" while The Wizard of Oz plays:

After The Wizard of Oz we went to McDonald's in hope for more toys from the movie but alas, they moved on. We instead ended up with Angry Birds/Star Wars Halloween bucket. She was sad for two seconds but not she's just saying "trick or treat" all the time and making us put pretend candy in the bucket.

Later we spent a lot of time in the play room waiting for The Hubs to come home from his class. When he got home it was a quick rest for him then time to go back to the east side for sushi dinner with my in-laws.

 I just thought this was cute. She's not even really blowing her nose:

 Lounging in the play room:

Sunday was church day and in my class we learned that God made our hands! I'm trying to make my class more interesting so with the help of the church secretary (OK actually she did most of the work by gathering everything) the kids played with black beans, a seashell, cotton balls, rubber bands, a rock, and traced their hands and decorated it with stickers. Gibbie loves church but about 10-15 minutes before it ends she starts asking to go home. She actually started yelling, "amen" once in the middle of prayers hoping that Pastor would get the hint or something. It was one of those delightfully embarrassing moments.

Church makes her a bit sleepy: 

After church we all napped then once again went to the in-laws for a cookout with everyone. It was great. Now, I'm ready for a great week and trying to not be nervous about my first Pampered Chef booth at a Fall Festival this weekend. Have a blessed week everyone!

I had to share today's Pier One find. Tell me this isn't the coolest turkey ever:

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