Friday, October 4, 2013

Flashback Friday

Hello lovelies. I've missed you. Really, I've though about you all daily but couldn't bring myself to post a blog. I have a funny way of writing. When I'm happy I do blogging and ignore journaling. When I'm sad I whip out my journal and have it but ignore blogging. Guess how I've been feeling lately?

I'm trying to snap myself out of it so here I am forcing myself to post today. It's an easy day anyway. Here's some old pictures that have made me smile lately.

The first ones of me and friends make me smile because I like my hair. The blonde was pre-Gibbie era.

 Do all kids do this:

 Look at this itty bitty baby:

I'm trying and I'm feeling like happy will come back to me very soon. Until then, I'll force it and keep posting. Happy Friday everyone!

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