Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday Done on a Saturday

So I wrote this a few days ago, published it, then deleted it on accident. Luckily I'm a gigantic nerd and decided to subscribe to my own blog on a ready just to see what it would be like. Today I was going through my reader and stumbled upon my deleted post fully intact! WOO!

OK, I'm back. Really this time. I'll say that I was having a very hard time emotionally and I was fighting with my faith. Actually, I should say that Satan was trying to bring me down because my faith was there, I was just angry. So for today's Thankful Thursday I'll start with an important one that has snapped me back to where I need to be:

*For God's grace. Only by grace am I saved and only by His grace am I here today writing this instead of wallowing in something I can't do anything about. So instead I give it to God and I move on and be my normal, happy, joyous self.

*THE HUBS! Always! This time for just letting me cry and listening to what I have to say in between sobs and not giving me strange looks when he looks over and finds tears running down my cheeks. I'm a cryer, and that scares men, and it scares my husband, but he sticks with me anyway.

*Gibbie working out with me. I started a stroller fitness class two months ago or so and I love it. I don't get to make it to every class but because it's at a park Gibbie absolutely loves it! She even gets me to do some of the work outs at home. She's always right next to me during the warm up and cool down. She's my biggest cheerleader!

*Vietnamese food! I really just don't feel like cooking by Thursday and generally that means Vietnamese food. Thursday is my night with Best friend M so The Hubs will bring home some delicious food from Saigon Taste and I'll eat with the family before heading out.

*My health. As of right now I am a completely healthy person. I've dropped about 25 pounds, I'm confident, I feel great, I know I've become a healthier person this year and I thank God I am able to become even more healthier in the coming years.

I promise I'm back so I'll see you tomorrow. Have a wonderful Thursday night lovelies.

Have some old school Gibbie:

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