Friday, September 6, 2013

Flashback Friday

My Time Hop app hasn't been working well lately which is so annoying. Hopefully they'll get an update with bug fixes soon. Here's some awesome pictures anyway!

The first known picture of Gibbie and The Hubs as Papa:

This is probably the first picture of me and the Gibbs. I look lovely, I felt even more lovely:

 She's always been such a happy girl:

Even while making funny faces:

 Sometimes I think she's a cat because she crawls onto my lap when I'm working:

 She also thinks it's ok to switch phones with me and thinks I won't notice:

I kind of miss that high chair. Now I can't strap her down and make her eat:

Attack of the fifty foot Gibbie:

 This was the reaction when her balloon floated up to the vaulted ceiling and I didn't have a ladder to get it down:

 Crying always wears a girl out:

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