Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Link Shindig

Everyone has a link party, welcome to the link shindig, which is basically the same but with a more fun name!

These yogurt cookies look like a lot of fun and easy to make. I doubt I'd put the frosting on though, they look delicious without it.

Living in a household with one Buddhist, one Christian, and one little girl that loves church even if she's not sure what it's all about yet I love to read articles about people who identify as both Buddhist and Christian.

This looks so yum but I despise the fact that it's called Cookie Dough for Preggies. I'm not preggies but I still think I deserve this.

A relaxation website that guides you to calm. Unless you're looking at the beach scene. That one stresses me out because I can tell when the video stops to loop.

I want this vintage oven in my kitchen so bad. Of course, then I'd have to redo the entire kitchen. Who wants to pay?

I really love this Camp Director Tote from Mod Clothe. I can imagine stuffing some books in it and heading out to have some fun.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies and I'll see you Monday!

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