Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Review: The Color Run

Well I had a busy and fulfilling weekend. I had a Sunday School teacher training on Saturday morning and yesterday I had more fun that I've ever had sober (ok that's a huge exaggeration but it was freaking awesome). I'm turning today's post into a Color Run post. Enjoy!

Pre-race Rue:
Notice the huge bags under my crazy eyes. I don't function well early in the morning. 

My full body pre-race shot. Check the tutu, that's how I roll:

My friend LA and I getting ready for the fun:

 Post yellow station:

Post pink station:

Post orange station:

Post blue station and finish line:
As you can tell I like my own face! I didn't realize I had taken so many selfies until I started to write this post. Good lord I'm self absorbed!

This is one of my favorite shots, before it looked like we were in the middle of a disaster with colored dust all around us.

 Waiting for the dust to settle:
That was seriously intense. I couldn't see anything around me and I could barely breath. Also, I've been blowing blue boogers out my nose. I'd still do it over though!

 This shot still doesn't give the amount of color I had on my face justice:

Post race full body shot:

 That about sums me up:

 Stopped to get some post race yummies at Kiki's Mexican Restaurant:
This is when I realized just how colorful I was! Again, notice the crazy eyes.

 The Hubs met us there and just loves taking pictures of me mid bite:
I was eating the chicken mole. YUMMMMMMMMM!

 Here's a shot of him mid bite to make up for it:
Let me tell ya, Gibbie did not like the paint on my face. She came to me but then asked what was wrong with my face and went straight back to her papa.

 I am easily amused and thought the site of me taking off my headband was hilarious:

 Also, sans socks is a funny sight too:

I would highly recommend The Color Run to you as long as you don't suffer from asthma or any other respiratory disease. Also, have some one check you over after your shower to make sure you got it all off. The Hubs noticed a big blue spot on my arm this morning!

Next up is Run or Dye and my goal is to be able to run that entire race. In February there is a half-marathon and I'm really considering training for it. Do you run? Have you done any really awesome races?

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