Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I've been MIA lately. I'm not in a happy place and when I'm not in a happy place I tend to journal but not blog because I don't want to spread the doom and gloom I'm feeling. Today I have things to be very thankful for so I'm going to spread the love.

*Gibbie's doctor's appointment being this morning. After what happened last thursday and not getting a confirmation call yesterday I was on high alert for something to go wrong today. I had The Hubs go in and make sure we had an appointment before I got out of the car because it was raining and he was afraid I'd hurt someone.

*Gibbie's health. The doc said she's doing great though she is small. She's in the middle of the chart with her height but she's in the bottom end of the chart with her weight. He's not concerned because she's obviously healthy. I have to remember that her maternal grandmother and great-grandmother as well as her paternal grandmother are short women so she's probably going to end up like them.

*Having a husband who takes time off to go with us to pediatrician visits. He's been to every well check up except for one and his sister went with us to that one. He never wants to miss anything important in his daughter's life.

*The roof over our head during this crazy rain. It only rains really hard and long here once every 6-7 years. The last time was a crazy flood that washed away parts of buildings and roads in 2006 and I honestly have no recollection of the time before that because I never paid attention to weather pre-adulthoood. I'm blessed to be warm and cozy and the roof isn't leaking anymore. I love the rain but I know that for some it is terrible. A few months ago when our roof was leaking I felt desperate and I know there are those who are going through the same now and I wish I could help them.

*Weight Watcher's candies. So good, especially frozen!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday and I'll try to be back soon with no negativity in my life.

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