Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Link Party

This is a perfectly good breakfast for an adult, right?

Ok, I hope it's obvious that this isn't a normal breakfast for me but I can't resist a good carrot cake with some coffee. It's a seriously amazing combination and it only happens on the rare occasion that we have cake. I have promised that this will be my last slice of my birthday cake. The rest will be disposed of today... maybe.

Have some links:

Amazing photos from the 19th century by Charles Marville. Sort of a before and after of some awesome spots across Paris.

I love books, I love libraries, and now I love librarians. Naughty, naughty, librarians.

I've never really thought about how other languages would interpret animal sounds. Bark, bzz, meow, quack.

Some of these seem insanely hard to do but I think I'll give a few a try. Which would you want to try?

I was allergic to avocados and now I'm magically not. I'm dying to try all of these recipes now!

Part depressing, part inspiring, fully beautiful.

Surely they love honesty from the parents.

Have a great weekend!

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