Monday, April 27, 2015

Never Ending Monday

We had a much lower key weekend than last week but it was fun just the same. Gibbie picked out The Lego Movie for Friday night movie night. She actually sat still and watched the entire thing. Squish fell asleep 15 minutes into it.

Saturday we went to a different farmer's market and it just wasn't as good as the one from last week and we didn't end up getting anything. I took the girls to a four year-old's birthday party. Gibbie had so much fun. It was Frozen themed and there were seven little girls dressed as Elsa and one dressed as Anna! Squish cried and fussed the entire time. I just stood around listening to mom's talk about the cruelty of not piercing a baby girl's ears which I found hilarious as I stood there within earshot of this conversation with my baby girl who has no extra holes in her ears. I have a strict "to each, their own" policy on parenting so this conversation was just fun for me to listen to (especially while they were throwing me some awesome side eye). A little while later those same moms made a snide remark about me ditching the Ergo when it was no longer keeping Squish happy. I didn't know moms actually did this bitchy talk about other moms thing until Saturday. I'm totally cool with it. I didn't know any of them before the party and I never plan on seeing them again.

Saturday night was date night! We started with the absolute most amazing sushi I've ever had this city! This is the closest we've gotten in town to the good stuff we had in San Francisco eight years ago. We then went to Sprout's grocery store because going without kids is a fun grown up activity for a date night. We bought super adult stuff like face cleanser, muffins, and Sriracha beef jerky. To finish our night we wanted to go to a new bar that has old school arcade games. The parking situation was so bad we ended up going to a different bar. Bad idea due to a bad cover band. Luckily, half pints were on sale so we each had one and headed home.

This was our second date night since having Squish and I'm still not able to loosen up. I was tense from the moment we left the house to the moment we got home.

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend. After church and a Whataburger lunch we headed to the plant nursery for tomato, basil, and flowers. We ended up with a stowaway! Gibbie named our big snail, Wormy:

It's always the most seemingly mundane things that make for the best days when you have a family.

This morning, Squish had her first rice cereal! She did great for her first feeding, having several spoonfuls before getting frustrated with it and having a bottle.

How was your weekend?

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