Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Review Farmer's Market

To make up for last weekend's lack of photos I decided to take a whole lot this weekend! It started with movie night on Friday night. The Hubs teaches a class that night leaving me with my girls to watch movies and eat popcorn. Gibbie decided she is totally into Star Wars. In actuality she totally wants it to be on in the background while she plays and every now and then exclaim how much she loves Darth Vader. So this Friday we did our nails while watching it:

Check out her Spider-Man pajamas. I love how eclectic she is!

Later that night Squish decided she didn't feel good so we hung out after Gibbie went to bed:

Our Saturday was mostly spend in a different city. I love living so close to the city north of us. It's a smaller city but there's so many more things for us to do there. First stop was the farmer's market. Squish is such a homebody so she wouldn't eat for us but I think she was happy to be outside:

Gibbie had her face painted for the very first time ever! She got to pick what she wanted and then she held perfectly still for the guy and it came out super awesome:

Check out The Hubs. He's so handsome:

Along with some awesome shopping we were also entertained by dancers from Nepal:

Our final stop at the farmer's market was to check out the dog adoptions. I don't know why we do that to ourselves. We are in no way ready for a dog in our house but it doesn't stop us from really wanting one. We picked one, named it, and walked away. Now I'm sitting here wishing that Sadie, my made up dog, was here.

So to cheer me up we went to a little pizza and wine restaurant. I was better in no time:

This is our view of the drive home through pecan orchards:

I got a new phone Sunday so the next pictures will probably be sharper than the last few. We went to my in-law's house where Squish enjoyed some tummy time and Gibbie got a new board game:

The Hubs found his old Star Wars toys from his childhood and brought them home for our girls to enjoy:

I'm pretty sure he's having fun playing with them as well!

And finally, my favorite picture from the weekend:

How was your weekend?

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