Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Today I am a broken mama. I'm on my knees praying to God with tears in my eyes hoping that my sweet little girl will come back to me. Right now there is a crazy child taking a nap in my bed. She has a terrible attitude, she cries and whines about absolutely every little thing, and she doesn't listen to anything I say to her. She's disrespectful and nothing I do seems to get through to her.

The Hubs and I are 100% sure it's regression due to the baby but I have no idea how to help her with it. Gibbie was always so happy. Of course there was typical attitude issues here and there but those times are nothing compared to now. I've tried positive reinforcement using her chore chart and rewards system. I've tried using her consequence chart which always worked in the past to improve her behavior but now it doesn't phase her. We've taken things away, we've offered incentives, we've done everything I could possibly think of and find online.

Tell me this will pass. Give me advice and reassure me. Yes, I'm pleading with anonymous readers to hold my hand and tell me everything is going to be OK. Surely we're not the only ones in the world who are going through this.

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