Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Fun

For over a year now we have walked by a taekwondo place on our way to our favorite sushi place. Gibbie would longingly gaze into the window watching the kids and adults jump around. She had talked about dance class once or twice so we decided to give her a choice. Martial arts or dance but not both. Today was her first taekwondo class.

She was one of three new students but she was the only one that was intensely listening to the instructor. She's never listened to me so well!

Our first class was free to see if she would actually like doing it as much as she liked watching it. She definitely did and we ended up with a one year contract and a kick ass uniform:

She's happy and I'm hoping that these classes will help her with her recent attitude problems. Maybe having something that is all hers (not having to share with her sister) will help her feel important again.

Lately she's been extremely emotional. Every time she gets into trouble she breaks down crying. Every time I tell her to speak up because I can't hear her she gets mad and won't repeat herself. I don't know if it has to do with not being the baby anymore or if there's something more but I really need to find away to get her back to normal.

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