Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend of Few Photos

I feel like I take fewer photos since I had Squish. I don't think I have enough arms to be able to hold her, feed her, and document our lives all at the same time! Either way, we had a pretty good weekend overall.

It's always good when we start out with buttermilk pancakes from scratch:

I actually got that recipe from a cowboy cookbook. It's so good! When The Hubs and I first got married I would buy the Bisquick shake and pour (we still do sometimes) but I had no patience for pancakes. They were always under cooked. I contribute my current patience level to having kids.

A friend of mine bought Gibbie a Hello Kitty manicure set and she loves decorating fake nails:

She has yet to asked to put them on. I'm not sure if she realizes she can but it's one of those things that I'll help her with if she asks but I'm not going to be the one to bring it up. All parents do that, right?

Squish is a happy girl:

I had the bright idea of attempting to change to the Up & Up brand formula since they make the variety we've been using. After all the trouble we had finding the right formula for her you'd think I'd be smart enough to not do that. It was a bit of a stupid disaster. Her poor tummy didn't like it at all. In my defense it was A LOT cheaper than the Enfamil A.R. we use. Stupid idea, we're back on the real stuff and she is once again a smiling baby girl.

The Hubs loves to take pictures of me when I'm not paying attention and then send them to me on Snapchat:

I don't mind at all because I end up with some awesome candid photos of me and the girls. Sometimes it also gives me motivation to eat right and work out more.

Speaking of eating right... I discovered that if I feel a binge coming on I should just paint my nails because I'm not going to stick my hand in a bag of chips with wet nail polish. That's how I ended up with these turquoise nails:

The older I get the more drawn to turquoise I am. I'm easing my way into full blown eccentric southwestern old lady.

High point of the weekend was having dinner with The Hubs, Gibbie, Squish, my in-law's and Aunt E while she was in town.

Low point of the weekend was Squish deciding that sleeping through the night is for losers and she wants to be a cool baby. For a little over a month she was sleeping from about 7:30pm to about 7am. Last night she went to sleep at about 8:30pm (after fighting it for 30 minutes), woke up and wanted to eat at 11pm, then woke up again and wanted to eat at 3am, then finally woke up again at about 7:15am. This makes for an exhausted Rue.

Bonus high point for the weekend:

How was your weekend?

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