Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weigh in Tuesday

I'm borderline embarrassed about my progress, or lack there of, on Weight Watchers. When I was a member two years ago it worked for me because I did the work. This time I haven't been consistent and therefore I'm not getting consistent results. Here's how I ended my Weight Watchers week:

The only reason I had weekly points remaining was because I didn't track everything. I had a few binge days in there and feel terrible as a result. Here are my charts:

I binged today too. I don't know what my trigger is but I need to figure it out. I need to find my motivation to do this again!

Today was the busy day. I'm eager for summer break so that I won't be so darn busy on Tuesdays! Gibbie is still loving Taekwondo:

Today she got her name written on her uniform in Korean:

Here's me being exhausted during Taekwondo practice:

That picture of me actually weirds me out a bit. It doesn't look like me for some reason. I don't know if it's the angle of what but I've looked at it over and over again. It's just strange to me. Do I look weird or different to you?

After Taekwondo I finally achieved a successful car to crib transfer with Squish:

That has never happened with her. I was always able to do it when Gibbie was a baby but Squish really likes to be swaddled still so she usually wakes up the second she hits the bed.

I've been checking for news updates on the Supreme Court hearings for marriage equality all day. I'm so eager to see how this goes. I'm really hoping they make the sensible choice for equal rights.

I'll just add one more picture in case you're wondering where I stand....

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