Friday, August 2, 2013

Flashback Friday

On Fridays I like to make myself miserable and happy all at the same time and look at old pictures of our lives before Gibbie and when Gibbie was super itty bitty and stuff. Join me in my misery/happiness!

 So here's me when I was six months pregnant:

I felt like I was so gigantic! My giant belly is the only thing I liked about being pregnant. I honestly don't want to do that again, I really didn't get the whole pregnancy is beautiful thing. I had terrible gas, peed when I sneezed, heartburn from the bottom pits of hell, and I was never comfortable.

Here's the adorable Gibbie just before she turned one:

And here she is from about one year ago:

All sorts of tired from packing and getting ready to move.

She was unpacking everything I packed. It was very discouraging. It obviously didn't hinder us too much because he's a picture of us signing papers for our house exactly one year ago today:

We're all grown up and stuff!!! I should seriously consider finishing the unpacking.

I use an app called Time Hop that links to my Facebook profile and shows me everything I've posted from 1, 2, and 3 years ago on any date. I love feeling nostalgic so I love this app. On rare occasions it shows me posts from 4 years ago too. That's where I get all of these pictures for my flashback Fridays from.

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