Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday

It's been a wild week around here. My muscles absolutely hate me after two stroller fitness classes. I'm also about to head over to Best friend J's house where we will be watching a total of seven kids including our own! Enjoy some pictures in no particular order!

This is my favorite wedding photo:

Look at those teeth:

Gosh I miss this time:

She would eat Gerber carrots but not the ones I boiled for her:

Gibbie and Best friend M's kid last year at her birthday party:

I think I may have posted this photo with a different filter but I love it:

I would pack a box, she would unpack it, this is our old apartment:

I still remember this, she grabbed that banana out of my hand and started munching:

Kissing her baby Ariel that she got for her birthday last year:

Exciting weekend planned over here! We are going to try to pick out some wood laminate to replace our toddler stained carpet and I think The Hubs and I are going to go see World's End! I can't wait! Shaun of the Dead was our first date so I was very excited to see that the last of the trilogy was coming out! WOO!

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