Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Review

What a week! I haven't seen your lovely face, well ever, but I haven't written a post since last Wednesday! We had a crazy storm Wednesday night and I'm assuming the lightening blew out our modem. Somehow, we survived from Wednesday night to Saturday evening sans Pinterest!

We entertained ourselves as best we could:

We stuck around the house for most of the weekend. I did go to Best friend M's on Friday and J's on Saturday. M needed help with a craft project so I was thrilled to help. J and I are trying so hard to get everything ready for MOPS. We're very last minute people!

She's so moody.

But I love her so much.

Saturday morning I woke up so tired. I had very little sleep but someone was up and ready to play. I moved her rocking chair into the play room and let her make me breakfast.

She makes great coffee on Saturday mornings.

After her nap she work up in a mood! Actually, I think she woke up in April in a mood and it just hasn't gone anywhere.

She helped papa clean up the backyard so that we could

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