Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Link Party

Gibbie and Papa at Avila's

We're gearing up for the weekend and I like to take this time to hang out with my family and not blog it up. Here's some links to keep you busy until I get back.

- One of my favorite blogs. I read it religiously. She has two beautiful little boys (one is brand new) and lives in New York.

I have a lot on my Pinterest and I try my best to not get addicted. I fail. I'm so addicted.

I don't consider Tumblr a "real" blog but I do consider it a lot of fun. I've wasted many hours on this site and I still post on it random blurbs and funny things so if you'd like please feel free to follow me.

I have a tendency to like expensive things. It's never on purpose! I just like quality merch and this is some fine quality merch my friends. I want this camera. I actually wouldn't mine having any decent camera so I wouldn't have to constantly take pictures with my iPhone but this one would be quite awesome.

- Have you heard of Bountiful BasketsIf they have a pick up location in your area I highly recommend you try it just once. I'm addicted to this service. You pay a small fee (compared to how much you'd spend in a grocery store) and you get a lot of fruits and veggies. You can also do add-ons such as whole grain bread, a special themed veggie pack (tropical, Italian, Mexican, etc), and you can choose to get an entirely organic basket.

- Bookshelf PornSeriously. Just look at all of these pictures. I want a built in bookshelf so bad I might "accidentally" take a hammer to the wall so we'd have to fix it and while we're fixing it we might as well throw in some bookshelves.

Such a cute idea to do something with all of those scribbled on papers laying around. Yeah, just admit it, I know I'm not the only one with stacks of papers with scribbles everywhere.

I love kitsch and this Etsy shop has it!

A repair man should be here any minute to take a look at our water damage and my father-in-law is coming to translate for us (we should really learn Spanish). Later, Gibbie and I are going to a birthday party for a one year old girl. I'm possibly going to a housewarming party tonight if I still have energy left over  and tomorrow we're hanging out with my in-laws.

What does your weekend look like?

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