Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Review

It wasn't a very exciting weekend but it was fun just being with each other. The Hubs was a bit sick and stressed so it was a mixture of laying around and going out to eat with a Target trip and Lowe's trip mixed in.

I'm a total ditz and showed up to my church super early for the Sunday school teacher meeting but it as pretty nice just sitting under the pagoda looking at this view.

After the meeting I came home. Once I got Gibbie down The Hubs and I decided we wanted Wienerschnitzel. Being the loving mom I am I decided to get Gibbie a kid's meal for later. They were out of toys. This was the replacement. It would have melted so I ate it. Nope, not feeling guilty.

We played a lot in her messy play room. How did she get so tall!?

She's got more style than me, you, and your mama put together.

At Lowe's picking up a few things. This was actually the very first time she felt the joy of hanging on the front of the cart.

These two are my life.

They are the goofiest ever.

It's blurry but just look at the joy on her face.

Before church she was playing some games. We've created a monster by the way. She throws the hugest fits over that thing so we're seriously limiting it now.

After church they are playing church with Smurfs as the pastor and people! HA!

We ended our weekend at Rudy's.

She might look just like her papa but she acts just like her mama.

What did you do this weekend?

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