Friday, August 30, 2013

Flashback Friday

I've been super busy this week. Between going to our church's preschool open house to recruit for our MOPS group and getting everything ready for Gibbie's birthday party tomorrow I am finding it hard to stay awake at this point. If I can make it to 6pm tomorrow I'm going to take a disco nap.

Let's get to pictures.

This was when we moved into a bigger apartment on her first birthday:
She loved kissing her reflection.

 Here's me messing around in same apartment:
I am pretty sure I was avoiding physical labor by messing around.

 Look at that face! Those cheeks! My GOD!:

 Always a princess:

 Getting ready for a date night about a year ago:
And now I want to cut my hair. I just love having short hair!

 This must have been just before or after last year's birthday party judging by the balloons:
I love that face!

Birthday party outfit. The sleeves and shoes were part of an Olivia treasure chest. The dress was Harajuku Mini of course:

 I get bored easily:

The Hubs and Gibbie playing with toys she got for her second birthday last year:

OK, back to decorating!

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