Friday, August 9, 2013

Flashback Friday

One of my nieces and I at my sister's house in Colorado. Very old picture. This kid is no longer a kid but a crazy teenager.

Best friend E and I at her wedding. The Hubs is behind me. This was before he was The Hubs but I caught the flowers so you know what happened next.

I think the caption I couldn't make go away says it all. This was pre-Gibbie so that makes it OK.

Oh the shenanigans I used to be involved with.
An old friend of mine hosting a get together.

Back in the days where we could stay out as late as we wanted!

I once found an inappropriately shaped Gerber snack.

The day we got the keys to our house, a little over a year ago. I'm still in love with my big kitchen!

The first meal I made in my kitchen!

Oh I really miss having short hair.

Future star of the USA Women's Soccer Team!

My little gardener!

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